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KeraTwin Rear Ventilated Curtain Wall Facade System

Curtain type rear ventilated facades.
KeraTwin rear ventilated facade wall.
KeraTwin can be used on its own as a stand-alone profile to provide a dazzling facade, or you can combine it with other profiles for some variations. The surface profiles of KeraTwin gives an unparalleled amount of design options.

An external facade system comprises the structural elements that offer vertical and lateral resistance to wind and provides a building envelope offering weather resistance and fire, acoustic and thermal resistant properties.

KeraTwin rear ventilated curtain wall facade system by Agrob Buchtal provides architects, designers, engineers, and builders with essentially unlimited aesthetic, technical versatility and immense freedom in design. 

The surface profiles consist of the conventional smooth panel and the 3D reliefs provided by 10 different profiles. These include the “positive” grooved, “negative” grooved, irregular grooved, brushed, shed, new wave, sine wave, and stripy profiles and the recently released Kaijo and Canyon profiles. 

KeraTwin can be used on its own as a stand-alone profile to provide a dazzling facade, or you can combine it with other profiles for facade articulation. KeraTwin surface profiles provide an unparalleled array of design choices. 

Spectraview Glazed

Developed by renowned European colour designer Peter Zoernack, the Spectraview glazed series is composed of nine elegantly coordinated uniform glazed satin matt colour families as well as 10 vibrant matt and gloss contrasting colours. The nine coordinated families include Apricot, Yellow, Green, Salmon Red, Blue, Pink, Grey, Natural Grey, and Cream family groups. 

Natura Unglazed

The Natura unglazed series is a range of 15 natural earthy tones that mimic the classic colours of a terracotta panel but in a more durable and maintenance-free ceramic stoneware material. 

The Design unglazed series is an especially produced set of four-panel colours with a slightly heavier surface texture. This completes the unglazed options across the range. The Golden Cream, Golden Anthracite, Golden Red, and Golden Grey panels are mixed with a fine golden fleck and give designers a unique choice of material. 

KeraTwin Colours and Finishes

KeraTwin Colours and Finsihes
The KeraTwin panels are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, offering over 100 different colour options, including a range of gloss colours and glazed stain matt, concrete, metallic, stone, timber, and unglazed colours.

KeraTwin panels are available in a wide range of colours and surface finishes. The ranges present over 100 different colour options, including a range of gloss colours, unglazed colours, glazed stain matt, metallic, stone, concrete, and timber surface finishes. 

KeraTwin colours options are completed by the wide variety of choices in the Design glazed range, which include stone-look facade panels, concrete-look facade panels, metallic-look facade panels, and timber look facade panel finishes.  The Design range offers the look of other surfaces (such as timber) without the maintenance drawbacks of these surfaces.

The stone-look panels include the bold and big surface of the Milan series, the sandstone surface of Quarzit, and the finer subtle features of the Mega, Stonewall, Haze, and Rockface series.  

The Design glazed cement range includes two concrete tones from the Construct series while the Design glazed metal is comprised of several metallic looking finishes from the Streetlife series.

The colour Rust gives architects options for clients who want classic metallic-like aesthetics. These collections offer designers and builders a durable and long-lasting feature of a ceramic stoneware panel in metallic finish. Lastly, the timber finish range mimics the natural timber grains and knows in the Oak and Driftwood series and the finer timber texture of Bosco. 

For further information including swatches and full-size samples, contact KLAY.

Curtain Wall Facade System

Ceramic facade on a tall building.
KLAY provides ceramic panels by manufacturer Agrob Buchtal which has been manufacturing ceramic cladding systems for over forty years, delivering an enviable list of reference projects world-wide.

A curtain wall facade system is a non-structural cladding system for the exterior walls of a building. It is normally associated with multi-story buildings. 

A curtain wall separates the interior from the exterior, but it only supports its own weight and the loads such as seismic and wind loads imposed on them, which returns to the main structure of the building. This differs from other forms of traditional construction wherein the external walls are the main part of the fundamental structure of the building.

The KeraTwin facade system is composed of various engineered proprietary fixing solutions that adapt to a wide range of design and substrate considerations and can be designed to sit adjacent to glazing systems.

The system includes different proprietary rail and clamp solutions for vertical, overhead and horizontal fixing of panels. Stretcher bond, stock-bond, and other bond panel arrangements can be efficiently accommodated by a selection of the detailed solutions provided by the Agrob Buchtal standard engineering details. 

Agrob Buchtal facade systems have been in use for over four decades such that they provide unrivalled facade engineering expertise allowing cost-efficient and fast facade installations for low, medium, or high rise buildings. Facade solutions can be customised and/or modularised for specific projects.

KeraTwin facade systems are suitable for new buildings as well as renovations. All systems are equipped with a unified compression spring that securely holds the panels in position and prevents rattling during windy conditions. Different proprietary solutions for external corner finishings, opening embrasures, sills, and soffits also exist within each system. Joints between panels can either be left open or closed with special aluminium joint profiles with joint profile colours chosen in either contrasting or matching colours to the panels. 

Stoneware Ceramic Panels

Stoneware is opaque pottery fired at high temperatures to make it non-porous, or resistant to liquids. Although it is made from clay, it is more durable than other types of earthenware and pottery. It is exquisite, versatile, and durable and unlike porcelain, which is mostly white, stoneware can be made into various colours and finishes. 

The top quality stoneware ceramic panels of KeraTwin are available in a wide variety of surface colours, profiles, and formats. 

The extruded stoneware panels are available in several standard heights from 150mm up to 600mm and panel lengths that can be custom manufactured for each project at 1mm increments up to a maximum of 1800mm. The largest panel size is 1800x600mm. Preference is given to panel sizes 300mm and above.

There is a wide range of mechanical fixing options which facilitate vertical and horizontal panel orientations, overhead soffits and both stack bonds as well as other bond layouts. 

To learn more about the KeraTwin ceramic facade systems and other ceramic facade systems manufactured by Agrob Buchtal, contact KLAY today.

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