Collections and Product Brochures

Agrob Buchtal Catalogue 2024

Programme of delivery (49 Mb)

Ceramics for modern interiors (25 Mb)

Agrob Buchtal Ceramic Facade Systems (28 Mb)

Agrob Buchtal Pool and Spa catalogue 2024

Pool & Spa Catalogue (7 Mb)

Agrob Buchtal Mosaic Design Catalogue (30 Mb)

KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0001s_0000s_0004_Brochures14

Agrob Buchtal Heritage Collection (7 Mb)


KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0001s_0001s_0000_Hytect2

Hytect Light Works – General Brochure (3 Mb)

KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0001s_0001s_0001_Hytect1

Hytect Light Works – Facades Brochure (3 Mb)

KLAY Tiles Facades - Easytoclean

Hytect – Stain Resistance Self Cleaning Demonstration Video

KLAY Tiles Facades - Antibacterial

Hytect – Anti-Bacterial Demonstration Video

KLAY Tiles Facades - Cleanstheair

Hytect – Air Quality Demonstration Video


KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0001s_0002s_0000_Sustainability15

Environmental Product Declaration (800 Kb)

Technical Resources, Videos and Animations

Thumbnail Getting Started with Brickslips

Getting Started with Brickslips

Slip Resistance thumbnail

Slip Resistance Brochure Guide (426 kb)

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Agrob Buchtal Ceramic Facade Fire Protection Flyer (1 Mb)

KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0001s_0003s_0003_TechnicalResources2

AS1530.1 Certification – Agrob Buchtal Ceramic Facade Panels (573 Kb)

KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0001s_0003s_0002_TechnicalResources3

AS1530.1 Certification – Agrob Buchtal Ceramic Facade Rails (573 Kb)

KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0001s_0003s_0001_TechnicalResources4

KLAY Brickslips Installation Guideline (14 Mb)

KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0001s_0003s_0000_TechnicalResources5

Overview of Agrob Buchtal Slip Resistant Tiles (3 Mb)

KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0000_KeraTwinK20SystemRail

KeraTwin K20 System Rail and T Profile Animation

KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0003_KeraTwin-K20-Omega-Profile

KeraTwin K20 Omega Profile Animation

KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0002_KeraTwin-K20-OMEGA-V_Mounting

KeraTwin K20 OMEGA V_Mounting

KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0001_KeraTwin-K20-OMEGA_S_Mounting

KeraTwin K20 OMEGA_S_Mounting

KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0004_KeraTwin-K20-Clamp-System

KeraTwin K20 Clamp System Animation

KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0005_KeraShape-Facade-Elements-Animation

KeraShape 3D Facade Elements Animation

KLAY Tiles Facades - Resources_0006_KerAion-Animation

KerAion Animation