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KeraTwin Facade System Options and Information

Agrob Buchtal KeraTwin facade system.
Curtain type rear ventilated facades.
KeraTwin rear ventilated curtain wall Facade system by Agrob Buchtal provides architects, designers, engineers, and builders with essentially unlimited aesthetic, technical versatility and immense freedom in design.

With the variety of colours, surface finishes, and formats it offers, KeraTwin facade system provides architects and designers immense freedom to create a unique facade cladding system.

As a facade system with a wide range of colours, including terracotta tones (perfect if you want to achieve a terracotta facade system without the disadvantages of terracotta cladding), Keratwin allows designers and architects the creative freedom to execute their ideas. Aside from its wide range of colours, Keratwin also has features like an external insulated facade system that’s not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but functional as well. 

A Facade System That Offers Freedom of Design

KeraTwin ceramic facade system.
Keratwin, Agrob Buchtal ceramic facade perfectly combined with KLAY brick slips for an environmentally sustainable, non-combustible and architecturally modern solution.

The KeraTwin rear ventilated curtain wall Facade System gives designers, engineers, architects, and developers practically unlimited aesthetic and industrial versatility and massive design freedom. The high-quality Stoneware Ceramic Panels are available in a wide variety of surface colours, formats, and profiles. 

Keratwin Comes in Both Glazed and Unglazed Terracotta Finishes

KeraTwin offers over 100 different colour choices, including a range of glazed stain matt, gloss colours, unglazed colours, concrete, stone, metallic, and timber finishes. The Natura series resembles the classic colours of the terracotta panels but is a more durable and maintenance-free ceramic stoneware material. 

The KeraTwin terracotta collection is perfect for those who want to achieve the terracotta finish without the disadvantage of a terracotta panel (terracotta absorbs water making it denser).

The Design Unglazed series completes the unglazed options across the range. It is a specially manufactured set of 4-panel colours with a slightly heavier surface texture.

Ceramic Facade System

Ceramic facade on a tall building.
KLAY provides ceramic panels by manufacturer Agrob Buchtal which has been manufacturing ceramic cladding systems for over forty years, delivering an enviable list of reference projects world-wide.

A ceramic facade system is an environmental-friendly, sustainable building envelope perfect for a wide range of structures. Combined with the KeraTwin rear-ventilated curtain wall ceramic facade systems, it is the perfect solution for new buildings and renovations alike. KeraTwin is certified non-combustible under AS 1530.1. 

Keratwin K20 Product Information

The KeraTwin K20 has standard heights of*: 

  • 20cm/200mm, 25cm/255mm
  • 30 cm/305mm, 35cm/355mm
  • 40cm/405mm

* Grid size/work size. Other heights are available upon request. 

Lengths: 392 up to 1,200 mm (in 1 mm steps)

Other lengths up to 1,350 mm are available on request.

Thickness: 20 mm

Weight per unit area: 32 kg/m²

Colours/surfaces: For the colour chart, refer to our Programme of Delivery –

Facade Systems 2009/2010

For surface and cross-section variations, refer to our

Programme of Delivery – Facade Systems 2009/2010.

  • Even more rapid and simpler installation by the innovative system rail and/or the proven clamp fastening.
  • A great number of well-thought-out system components.
  • Economical installation also for special, sophisticated project solutions.
  • Standard panel thickness and low own weight at all formats.

Hydrotect: The Revolutionary Surface Coating

One of the most urgent responsibilities we have today is environmental protection, and Agrob Buchtal, the manufacturer of KeraTwin, feels the need to contribute to this call as much as they can, hence hydrotect was created. Hydrotect is a ceramic facade coating that offers three key environmental and economical advantages: 

  • It is remarkably easy to clean/self-washing effect that guarantees to last a long time.
  • It has an antibacterial property without the need for chemical products.*
  • Exhaust fumes produced by cars and industry are decomposed: 1,000 m² of the facade ceramics with TiO produce the same results as 70 medium-sized transitory trees.

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