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Hospital Facades Using KeraTwin non-combustible Facade Panels

Macksville hospital facade with KeraTwin non-combustible facade panels.

Hospital facades are works of art that give an added character to a building. However, they do not only give aesthetic value to a structure but are also functional, especially if you choose non-combustible facade panels like KeraTwin. 

KeraTwin Colours and Finsihes
The KeraTwin panels are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, offering over 100 different colour options, including a range of gloss colours and glazed stain matt, concrete, metallic, stone, timber, and unglazed colours.

KeraTwin is largely a rectangular panel format available in 11 different surface profiles with panel formats up to 1800x600mm and comes in over 100 different colours and finishes. The range includes 15 different panel heights starting from 150mm up to 600mm in 25mm increments. Panel lengths are also customised for each project and are available in 1mm increments. Finishes include concrete, timber, stone, metallic finishes, matt, stain matt, and gloss finishes. 

Benefits of Ceramic Facades for Hospital Cladding

Aside from its aesthetic value, ceramic facades for hospital cladding offers several benefits that make them the perfect material to use not just for hospital cladding, but for all types of buildings as well. 

  • Environmental-friendly: Ceramic facade is made from natural raw clay material, with no harmful additives and heavy metals. It is produced sustainably and is also recyclable. 
  • Energy-saving: Ceramic facade reduces the amount of heat loss and provides ventilation for the whole building. It is also UV-resistant, protecting the structure from absorbing too much heat, therefore, reducing electric consumption.
  • Impact-resistant and non-combustible.
  • Little maintenance is required and graffiti-proof. 

Brick Slip Facade Systems

KeraTwin ceramic facade system.
Keratwin, Agrob Buchtal ceramic facade perfectly combined with KLAY brick slips for an environmentally sustainable, non-combustible and architecturally modern solution.

Brick slips are made by hand from natural materials carved out from full bricks. They can be installed on both the interior and exterior of a building. It also comes in various forms, including traditional brick for a more classic look, contemporary bricks perfect for modern brick slip facade systems, and reclaimed brick slips if you want a more industrial and rustic vibe.

KLAY offers a wide range of brick slip facade systems that are non-combustible, highly durable, eco-friendly, and flexible. Our brick slips come in various colour, finish, and format that can also be customised, depending on the type of facade you want to achieve. The range includes accents, artisan, canvas, and capital range to name a few. 

Terracotta Facade Systems

Terracotta facade systems are panels made using standard clay and are prepared and built into a final item depending on the building requirements. Like other ceramic facade systems, they are highly durable and practical materials to use. 

Although KLAY does not offer terracotta facade systems, we have ceramic facade systems in terracotta tones among other colours, surface finishes, and formats. 

For surface options, we have it in 3D profiles, stone, timber, glazed and unglazed as well as metallic look finishes. Special pieces guarantee corners, reveals, and other facade elements are detailed to perfection. 

Contact Klay for More Information About the KeraTwin Facade PanelSystem

To know more about our KeraTwin facade system and other ceramic facade panels we offer, contact us now. Alternatively, you can send us an email and one of our sales consultants will get back to you as soon as possible. We’re also happy to make sales visits if that’s more convenient for you.

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