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European designed Brick Slips by KLAY | Internal & Exterior

Brick slips on a wall.

Brick slips are specifically manufactured tiles that mimic the colour and texture of real clay bricks. Mostly used for its aesthetic value, a brick slip can be used for internal and external applications. There are various materials brick slips are usually made from – moulded slips with the use of concrete, glazed, extruded clay slips, reclaimed bricks, and plaster or mortar. They are very low maintenance and highly durable, making them an excellent building material.

External brick slip facade apartment building.
There’s no limit to the applications that brick slips can be utilised with. From the interiors of cafes and corporate settings to external apartment buildings (pictured).

Considering the benefits they provide, they are very similar to the traditional bricks:

  • Non-combustible
  • Recyclable
  • Highly durable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Breathable

Arguably, brick slip facades are the only cladding solution that offers both aesthetic and practical values. 

Brick Slips Australia by KLAY

KLAY is one of the top suppliers of premium brick slips in Australia. So if you’re looking for brick slips for sale, make sure to check our collection of brick slip facade designs. From accents, artisans, and canvas to classic, ultima, and Zeile, we have a wide array of brick slip collections perfect for any interior and exterior design requirement. 

How Are Brick Slips Used?

Brick slips are used to mimic the look of modern clay brick walls and can be installed in both interiors and exterior use. Many designers and architects find brick slips to be practical, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective solutions for domestic and industrial use. Taking into consideration how versatile brick slip systems are, there are a lot of other reasons why it has become the popular choice among builders. 

External brick slip facade.
Brick slips, also known as brick facing tiles or clinker bricks offer a versatile, cost effective and non-combustible method to clad buildings for sophistication and style.

And because of this versatility, there are a million and one ways on how brick slips are used, including:

  • As a substitute for real bricks, brick slips are the best choice if you want to achieve a traditional finish on the interior or exterior of your home or building. They can be especially handy if the walls of the building can’t support real bricks or there is not enough space for real bricks. 
  • If you want to achieve the exposed brick wall finish in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom, brick slips are the way to go. 
  • Brick slips are also a common choice of house cladding for those building an entire home or extension using timber frame, or those who add external wall insulation. 

Brick Slips for a Modern Appealing Interior

Brick slips are a great addition to your interior if you want to achieve a modern design aesthetic. It’s also the perfect choice if you wish to renovate an old house because it’s easy to install and there’s no need to destroy the existing walls. In fact, because there are numerous colours, formats, and finishes of brick slips available, it’s easy to mix and match them to fit your preference. 

Here are some modern design ideas on how you can incorporate brick slips for interior walls:

  • White brick slips interior: This is a quick and easy way to give existing walls a completely new character. Brick slips are not only used for renovation or new construction but can also be used to add details to doorways, windows, and other parts of a house or building.
  • Exposed brick walls: If you want to achieve an industrial or modern look but don’t have the time and budget to install brick slips on the entire wall, you can opt to install bricks only in specific places and combine them with the plastered areas of the walls, creating a demolished and torn down look.

Thin Brick Slips

Thin external brick slips.
Thin brick slips, or thin bricks, are a quick and cost-efficient material for the interior and exterior finish of homes and buildings.

Thin brick slips, or thin bricks, are a quick and cost-efficient material for the interior and exterior finish of homes and buildings. The thin strip of materials forming thin brick slips are manufactured either by simply modifying the process done for traditional bricks or it can be carved out from the face of standard clay bricks. 

Most brick slips are made following standard metric dimensions of 215mm wide and 65mm high, which can perfectly fit walls that had previously installed real bricks. The standard thickness varies, depending on the brick type or manufacturer although it can range from 15mm-50mm with 5mm increments. 

Reclaimed Brick Slips

Reclaimed brick slips are brick slips carved out of rescued bricks from cleaned-up or old buildings. The bricks are sourced from edges that are usually irregular or worn out or may have relics of mortar from their original use. 

These kinds of materials are becoming a more and more popular choice for interior and exterior use because of their unique appearance. Since they came from random reclaimed bricks, no two reclaimed brick slips are the same. 

Another reason why reclaimed brick slips are preferred nowadays is because of the environmental benefits they provide. These bricks are recycled and highly durable, helping reduce the waste that comes from old building materials. 

External Brick Slips

Brick slips are not only great to elevate the interiors, external brick slips are the best option to achieve a brick facade since they look like a traditional brick wall. Brick slips are very versatile. You can choose from a wide range of colours and designs, giving you the options to customise what the exterior of your house would look like. 

Like interior brick slips, there are also lots of ways you can incorporate brick slips into the facade of your building without needing to rebuild an entire wall. Modern brick slips are made from industrial materials that is why they have exact measurements and a clean finish. They also come in a lot of styles and offer benefits that make them a practical choice for domestic or industrial facade use. 

What are the Benefits of Brick Slips?

Brick slips are not only aesthetically pleasing but very practical material as well. They offer numerous benefits that make them a popular choice among architects and designers. Some of the benefits of brick slips include:

  • As good as it gets: Brick slips allow you to achieve interior or exterior brick finish minus the cost and energy needed to install real bricks. Once finished, no one will be able to set it apart from a conventional brick wall. 
  • Provides ventilation: Brick slips are best combined with insulation panels. They can be directly bonded to the insulation panels to help refresh and insulate your facade in one step.
  • Highly versatile: Transform your internal and external walls easily without spending so much money. Building walls need foundations and heavy construction while brick slip cladding is as easy as installing tiles. 
  • Environmental-friendly: One of the best things about brick slips is that they help reduce carbon dioxide emissions produced by buildings through central heating while also offering excellent natural insulation for the building. 
  • Easy to install: Brick slips can also be installed on existing walls without the need for any modifications, making them a practical choice for renovations and new constructions. 
  • Offers flexibility:  Brick slips are not only great for walls but are also ideal for corbelling and ceiling coverings. You can even install it on your floors for that added industrial or modern look. 
  • Space-saver: Because brick slips are thin, they are ideal for renovating an old wall. They are also ideal for achieving the brick wall effect even if you don’t have enough space to install real bricks. Compared to full facing bricks, you can easily reduce the thickness of the wall by 8cm with brick slips, which gives you more room for insulation. 

Contact KLAY – Brick Slips Suppliers for Melbourne

KLAY is one of the top brick slips suppliers in Melbourne. We are a recognised partner of top European brands of tiles and brick slips and have supplied materials for some of the most recognised buildings in the city. 

If you need more information on how you can incorporate brick slips in your building or need assistance with anything brick slips, just give us a call and one of our sales consultants will assist you. We can also arrange a sales visit if it’s more convenient for you.

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