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        Brick Slip Facades with KLAY

        If your wall can’t support the weight of a full brick installation but you want to achieve the genuine and authentic look of real brick, brick slip facades are the perfect alternative. Brick slips are tiles that look similar to brick and give the perfect brick finish that looks great on both internal and external walls of homes and buildings. 

        Brick facades are a cost-effective alternative to achieving the look and feel of traditional brick to your building without using real bricks. Brick slip facades are one of the most popular lightweight construction techniques. They’re also made from eco-friendly components which adds to their versatility and popularity.  

        What are the Benefits Of Brick Slips?

        The numerous benefits that brick slips offer give testament to the reasons they’re increasing in demand as a lightweight and versatile facade material. Below are some of the benefits of brick slips:

        • Natural look: One of the most popular benefits of brick slip cladding is its capability to duplicate the look of real bricks. With brick slips, you can get the same look as traditional brick minus the hassle of installing real bricks. 
        • Easy to install: If you want to redesign the wall facade of your building or you want a quick construction turnaround time, then brick slips are perfect since they can be installed easily on existing walls.
        • Durable: Brick slips have high resistance to harsh weather conditions, helping to protect buildings from wear and tear. Choose brick slips that are non-combustible to protect your building against fire. KLAY brick slips adhere to Australian standards and are non-combustible.
        • Wide variety of options: Unlike traditional bricks, brick slips come in different textures, sizes, and thicknesses, giving you the design flexibility that you want. 
        • Non-combustible: Our brick slip facades adhere to the strictest Australian standards.
        • Euro manufactured:  Install with confidence with the knowledge that our brick slips are crafted in europe.
        • Eco friendly: One of the greatest attributes to our brick slip facade systems is that they are eco friendly and sustainably produced.

        Brick Slip Cladding Systems

        KLAY supplies premium brick slip cladding systems that cater to the design and construction needs of the commercial and industrial architecture. If you need a lightweight brick slip system for high-rise buildings, shops, restaurants or even commercial facilities, KLAY has a solution that will fit your requirements. 

        Brick Slips

        Brick slips offer a unique and cost-efficient way of achieving an authentic brick effect. A full-brick look is achieved with the use of pistol corners giving buildings a professional and traditional brick finish with a much greater level of efficiency. Brick slips are a cost effective and lightweight solution for both interior and exterior design.

        Brick Slip Tiles

        Generally referred to as brick tiles, brick slip tiles are made from reclaimed bricks and help create a gorgeous brick-like wall. They are made from the exterior of real bricks to provide the effect of an authentic brick wall while allowing you to choose from a wide range of styles offering enough versatility to bring any type of design to fruition. With brick slip tiles, you are only limited by your imagination.

        Brick Slip Panels

        Brick slip panels are custom made brick tiles that are used to mimic the appearance of modern brick walls. They can be installed in both the interior and exterior of a building or home. Many custom builders prefer to use brick slip panels because they are practical, cost-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solutions for commercial and industrial projects. 

        The Range of KLAY Brick Facade Cladding

        KLAY is a one-stop-shop for all your brick slip cladding needs. We offer a wide variety of brick cladding facades. Our products come with comprehensive installation guides and are non-combustible, euro manufactured, UV stable and eco friendly. 

        Overwhelmed with choices? Give us a call and we will be happy to assist you and provide more ideas about the endless possibilities available with our brick slip facade systems.