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KLAY: Brick Slip Suppliers of Durable European Facades

Brick slip facade wall implementation.
The KBS SBR brick slip series.
The KBS SBR brick slip series is the result of cutting-edge high-tech clinker engineering – extruded in impressive full-body 60 cm lengths.

Brick slips are a great alternative to traditional bricks to achieve a unique finish in both the interior and exterior of commercial and residential properties. They are a sustainable and efficient choice because they are non-combustible, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient. 

KLAY is one of the premium suppliers of brick slips in Australia. We supply premium tiles and brick slips that come in a wide range of designs and colours to choose from that are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. We focus on quality craftsmanship to provide our customers with the best options for their brick slip facades. 

German Made Brick Slips

KLAY is the proud Australian agent for German manufacturer Agrob Buchtal, including the Agrob Ceramic Facade Systems range. Agrob Buchtal is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of European brick slips and ceramic facades.

With over 50 years of experience in facade engineering, Agrob Buchtal provides an unmatched mechanically fixed solution for construction projects and building facades.

 Internal and External Brick Slip Cladding

KBS SKV 2043 brick slip facade.
It was a pleasure to add value to the KFC build in the Northern Territory. Featured is our KBS SKV 2043 – BLACK PALACE which is from our Brickslip Facade range.

Bricks are still the top choice construction material of builders and architects because of their high-reliability features. If you want to achieve the perfect interior and exterior finish, brick slip cladding is the perfect solution. Brick slips are gaining popularity as they are easy to install and they help achieve aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior walls without the need to build a new wall, or if you’re having a renovation, reconstruct a new one.

If you’re looking for brick slips for sale, then KLAY is your best bet. We offer a wide array of brick slips ranging from accents and fusion to shotten and silhouette, the choices of external brick slips are endless. 

For those who want to renovate and want to save time and money on construction, then you’ll be glad to know that internal brick slips are also an option. More and more modern buildings are incorporating internal brick slips due to their relative convenience to install.

Other benefits of brick slip cladding include:

  • Gives off a natural look: One of the most popular benefits of brick slip cladding is its ability to mimic the look of actual bricks. Constructing walls using real bricks is time-consuming and takes incredible amounts of energy, making brick slips a better alternative. 
  • Space-saver and lightweight: Brick slips weigh only one-third of the natural bricks, and as brick slips are very slim compared to real bricks, they provide more space for functional use. 
  • Highly versatile: With brick slip claddings, your design options are endless. It is perfect for both interior and exterior applications and can be customised to achieve the specific designs you envision for your property. 
  • Durable: Brick slips are widely known as being a highly durable material that can withstand extreme weather conditions, as well as help prevent a building’s wear and tear. Brick slips provide additional protection, featuring fire-resistant materials. 
  • Wide variety of options: Available in several sizes, textures, and thicknesses as well as customisable options that cater to everyone’s needs. 
  • Easy installation process: With the use of good adhesives, brick slips can be easily applied to pre-existing walls, speeding up the installation process. Achieve a new and fresher look of the interior and exterior of your home or building with brick slips. 

Brick Slip Panels for Wall and Floor Facades

Brick slip panels are different from brick slip cladding. Brick slip panels are brick slips laid into precast panels, which aren’t recommended. Brick slip cladding on the other hand is a safe way to achieve a brick finish for walls and exterior of buildings without the use of real bricks. 

It is one of the few construction materials that provide a very high level of resistance and can withstand different extreme weather conditions. KLAY offers a wide range of brick slip facades in various colour, finish, and format. 

With brick slips, it’s easy to achieve the type of interior or exterior design you want without the hassle of spending too much time and money on construction. 

European Brick Slip Tiles

Encore Events Centre brick slip facade.
KLAY also offers brick slip cladding systems, which are available in a range of colours and designs. A brick slip system is a safe and cost-effective way of accomplishing a brick finish without the use of real bricks.

For high-quality brick slip tiles, check out KLAY, the leading supplier of European tiles and facades in Australia. Our collection includes:

  • Heritage tiles:  Made by German manufacturers with more than 250 years of manufacturing history, this range of wall and floor tiles are perfect for new constructions in the field of hospitality, retail, residential, and commercial applications. 
  • Pool tiles: Comes in German manufactured premium Mosaics and residential Mosaics options, our pool tiles are available in a wide range of luxurious colours suitable for both wall and floor applications in wet and dry areas.
  • Terrazzo tiles: Manufactured in Italy, this stylish range of tiles offer a fashionable and high-quality range of floor products that comes in a variety of thicknesses. 

Brick Slip Cladding Systems

KLAY also offers brick slip cladding systems, which are available in a range of colours and designs. A brick slip system is a safe and cost-effective way of accomplishing a brick finish without the use of real bricks. They come in different styles and motifs that can be attached to external walls in order to achieve the facade design that you want. From glamour to manor and metallum to meteor, there are a lot of brick cladding system options. Contact us now so we can help you decide what will work best with your building or home.

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