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A Guide to Facade Engineering Solutions by KLAY

University facade.

Building facades offer a versatile, highly customisable and energy efficient method of bringing what would otherwise appear to be drab concrete buildings into a modern era of contemporary design. From train station platforms to hospitals, universities and commercial buildings, facades are used everywhere.

What Is Facade Engineering?

Ceramic facade installation at Latrobe university.
Building facades offer a versatile, highly customisable and energy efficient method of bringing what would otherwise appear to be drab concrete buildings into a modern era of contemporary design.

Facade engineering is the craft of finding solutions to structural, aesthetic, and environmental issues to attain the envelope of liveable space. It is one of the key elements in a building’s design and is mostly responsible for the performance of a building in terms of water resistance, energy efficiency, and airtightness. 

In other words, a building facade is its public face, which makes it the ideal canvas for architects, engineers, and developers to execute their visions. 

Facade engineering is art and science combined. Planning needs to consider various aspects of a building’s performance such as compatibility, cost, maintenance requirements, and compatibility; a foolproof and highly efficient product is also needed. 

The Aesthetics Of Ceramic Facades

One of the reasons why ceramic facades are a popular choice among architects and engineers is because of the breathtaking aesthetics it adds to a building or home. Modern architects are redesigning and bringing new life to traditional ceramic facades. The undeniable aesthetic of ceramic facades and their sustainability transforms any home or building into a magnificent architectural piece.

Ceramic cladding is very appealing to clients who want an attractive and distinct facade that can withstand harsh weather conditions and achieve longevity while needing little or low maintenance.

One of the best uses of ceramic facades are projects involving historic renovations since they can be easily installed onto any existing facades. Nevertheless, they are also easy to incorporate into new construction projects. 

The Performance Of Ceramic Facades

KeraShape ceramic cladding.
Ceramic facades are the perfect building envelope for a variety of building projects. The modern version of the ceramic facade, which is a ventilated brick facade system hooked to an aluminium structure, is a highly customisable and sustainable material.

Aside from their aesthetic value, the performance of ceramic facades in terms of sustainability and functionality is unparalleled. Some of the benefits of ceramic facades include:

  • They are low maintenance and graffiti proof. 
  • Impact-resistant and fire-resistant.
  • Can endure harsh weather and are sun-proof.
  • Made from natural materials and sustainably produced. 

KLAY offers a wide range of ceramic facades, brick slips and tiles for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, offering refined and highly durable products manufactured in Europe.

Our deep knowledge and understanding of the history of production and performance of ceramics make us the best choice for all your ceramic facade and brick cladding requirements. 

KLAY is the proud partner of German manufacturer Agrob Buchtal in Australia, which includes the range of Agrob Buchtal Ceramic Facade Systems. Founded in 1755, Agrob is one of the first and largest manufacturers of premium ceramic building products worldwide. 

KeraShape and KeraTwin Facade Systems

  • KeraShape: this range of glazed and unglazed stoneware ceramic tubular “baguettes” provides designers with a wide range of options to integrate three-dimensional screening elements into a facade design. Some of the shapes available are square and rectangular profiles, elliptical lamellar profiles, and elongated rectangular profiles. In terms of colours and finishes, KeraShape is available in a range of glazed satin matt, gloss colours, and unglazed colours. 
  • KeraTwin: is a range of facades that are largely in rectangular format and available in 11 different surface profiles. The range includes 15 different panels with heights starting from 150mm up to 600mm, in 25mm increments. The lengths of the panel are customised depending on the requirements of each project and are available in 1mm increments. In terms of colour choices, KeraTwin panels are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including over 100 different colour options. This includes a range of gloss colours, glazed satin matt, unglazed colours, concrete, stone, metallic, and timber surface finishes. 

KeraShape Stoneware Ceramic Tubular Baguettes

KaraShape facade system application.
KeraShape facade cladding is perfect as a stand-alone facade or as facade elements that can be combined with our KeraTwin panels, glazing, and other surface treatments.

Manufactured by German brand Agrob Buchtal, KeraShape has an extensive bandwidth that is mainly aligned towards helping architects in making each concept come to life. KeraShape panels are available in rectangular, elliptical, and square laminar profiles with 70 different colours from its Natura and SpectraView colour series. KeraShape can be installed as a stand-alone facade or in combination with KeraTwin Panels. 

Aside from facade treatments, the KeraShape range can also be used for mechanical ventilation grilles, provision of general facade articulation to add texture, depth and striking shadowing effects, and sun screening. 

KeraTwin Rear Ventilated Curtain Wall Facade System

Ventilated facades are a multi-layer, complex architectural solution that allows dry installation of ventilated walls. KeraTwin’s ceramic design drastically reduces the amount of heat that buildings absorb during hot weather, thanks to the partial reflection of solar emission. 

KeraTwin ceramic facade by AGROB BUCHTAL.
The KeraTwin rear ventilated curtain wall Facade System gives designers, engineers, architects, and developers practically unlimited aesthetic and industrial versatility and massive design freedom.

The KeraTwin rear ventilated curtain wall facade system offers designers, architects, and engineers unlimited technical and aesthetic versatility as well as lots of creative freedom.

Some of the benefits of KeraTwin rear ventilated curtain wall facade system include: 

  • Low maintenance
  • The facade is guarded against harsh weather conditions
  • No risk of disengagement from the wall. 
  • No risk of cracked covering

Brick Slip Cladding Solutions by Klay

Brick slip cladding is a brick slip that mimics the look of traditional bricks. They offer a safe and cost-efficient way of achieving a brick finish without the use of real bricks. Brick slip facades are a popular method used in facade engineering because of the wide range of benefits they offer. 

KLAY supplies premium brick slip facades for all your brick slip cladding needs. Our brick slips come in different colours, finishes, and formats. 

Brick Slip Facades Offer a Versatile and Aesthetically Pleasing Choice

Brick slip facade wall implementation.
Brick slips are a great alternative to traditional bricks to achieve a unique finish in both the interior and exterior of commercial and residential properties.

Brick slip facades can instantly make a building or house look more aesthetically pleasing from the outside, which can immediately increase the value of a property. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing designers and builders the creative freedom to plan and construct a facade that will complement the overall design of the building. With brick slip facades, the possibilities are endless. 

Some examples of aesthetically pleasing facades include:

  • Traditional: You can never go wrong with a classic design that is equal parts regal charm and rustic feel. Install a brick screen to help regulate the airflow and avoid harsh sunlight. 
  • Industrial: Combining design and functionality, this type of brick slip facade is the perfect solution since they are not only aesthetically attractive but also offer a wide range of benefits over other cladding materials. 
  • Contemporary: A modern facade that is perfect for modern-day living. The addition of concrete and wood can further complete and enhance a contemporary design.

Non Combustible Facades and Fire Safety

Another great benefit of the brick slip facade is fire safety. Clay bricks are an inert and non combustible type of facade that offers greater protection against heat and fire, depending on their application and construction. 

Ceramic facade systems such as KeraTwin and KeraShape are some of the premium facades that meet today’s requirements in terms of non-combustibility. For more information about these products, contact KLAY now.

Ceramic Facades Are the Obvious Choice for Sustainability

KeraShape tubular baguettes in assorted colours.
KeraShape tubular baguettes are available in assorted colours and tones; offering practical and cost effective ceramic facade solution for modern design.

Ceramic facades are in-demand construction material and it’s not at all surprising – they offer all of the benefits of real bricks without the cost and hassle; and they are even more sustainable than the real brick. 

Below are some of the reasons why ceramic facades are an obvious choice if you want to use a sustainable material:

  • The nominal thickness allows more space for added insulation.
  • They are thin and lightweight, and also a strong and sustainable material perfect for interior application. 
  • They are secured to a carrier material, making bricklaying unnecessary. 
  • A ceramic facade like the KeraShape and KeraTwin is the perfect brick finish if you want an insulating facade system.

Facade Engineering Companies

Facade engineering is a combination of art and science, which resolves structural, aesthetic, and environmental issues to achieve the efficient enclosure of buildings. Facade engineering companies such as KLAY are specifically committed to this very specific sector of the building industry.

KLAY not only supplies premium ceramic facades and tiles but is also dedicated to designing facades of new buildings as well as working with existing ones to assess and solve problems that may affect a building’s durability. 

We are an expert in this field and carefully consider various aspects of facade engineering such as certification, installation, design, and fabrication of a building facade in consideration to the performance of structural behaviour, safety, weightlessness, materials, and safety. 

Our team can help you build a sustainable and durable facade that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well. 

Facade Engineering Melbourne

KLAY is one of the trusted experts in facade engineering in Melbourne that offer a wide range of European tiles and facade systems. Building facades are recognised as one of the most expensive and possibly have the highest risk factors of any major construction project. We collaborate with architects, structural engineers, and other professionals to construct a building that balances aesthetic, structural, and environmental features. 

As building designs become more complex, hiring a facade engineering company has become a necessity and made this sector science in its own right. 

Contact KLAY Facade Engineering Consultants

Schedule an appointment with one of our facade engineering consultants now and let us help you with your facade construction needs. We are available Monday to Friday between 8.30 am to 5.00 pm and by appointment as well. If you prefer, one of our consultants can come to you. 

From design to construction maintenance, we help build facades that enhance indoor comfort, cut down energy costs, and reduce environmental impacts.

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