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Sustainable Green Facades

Ceramic Sustainable Energy Efficient Green Facades & Cladding

Green facades are becoming more popular as sustainable building design components become increasingly important because of the environmental benefits they provide. 

More and more architects and engineers are looking into sustainable facade materials to use in their buildings. Ceramic facades are another great option because of their eco-friendliness and manageability. 

Ceramic facades are made from natural raw materials, recyclable, and sustainably produced, making them the perfect choice for both domestic and industrial use. 

Sustainable Facade Design

Green facade residential complex.
Sustainable green facades can be built using greenery, or by using sustainably produced and sourced materials, such as KLAY products: KeraTwin and keraShape.

Modern facades serve more than just an exterior that elevates the aesthetic appeal of a building. Architects are now looking at opportunities to incorporate a sustainable facade design that is also functional. 

From green facades to ceramic facade systems, there are a wide variety of options for sustainable facade material these days. When we talk about sustainable facade design, we are referring to exterior enclosures that employ less amount of energy to maintain a cozy temperature indoors, boosting efficiency to specific materials, which in turn give less negative impact on the environment. 

Other benefits of sustainable facade design include:

  • Highly flexible: Sustainable facades such as a ceramic facade system offer a wide range of colours, shapes, surfaces, and formats of brick tiles. Due to their versatility and flexibility, along with intelligent design and development, ceramic facades give architects the freedom to create truly modern and inspirational designs.
  •  Economical: Economic and ecological benefits are also two factors that need to be considered when selecting a sustainable facade system. Brick is 100% made of natural materials and free of harmful use of heavy metals and additives. 
  • Ventilation: Rear-ventilated ceramic facade systems such as KeraTwin and KeraShape carry out noticeably lesser heat losses during the wintertime and are highly reliable with heat protection in the summer. 
  • Easy installation: Ceramic facades can be easily installed and suitable for both new buildings and renovations of facades of older buildings, regardless of type. 

KeraTwin and KeraShape for Sustainable Building Facades

KeraTwin and KeraShape sustainable facades.
KeraTwin and KeraShape, Manufactured by German Manufacturer Agrob Buchtal, are the perfect option when it comes to sustainable facades.

If you’re looking for sustainable building facades, then KeraTwin and KeraShape are the perfect options. Manufactured by German Manufacturer Agrob Buchtal, one of the oldest and biggest manufacturers of high-quality ceramic building products in the world, KeraTwin and KeraShape are two of its well-known ceramic facade systems. 

  • KeraTwin: is produced mostly in a rectangular panel format and available in 11 different surface profiles, with panel formats up to 1800x600mm. It comes in 100 different colours and finishes and includes 15 different panel heights starting from 150mm up to 600mm in 25mm increments. 
  • KeraShape: is a collection of glazed and unglazed stoneware ceramic tubular “baguettes,” which offer architects and designers a wide array of options to consolidate three-dimensional screening elements to a facade design. It is available in rectangular, elliptical, and square laminar profiles with 70 different colours to choose from in the Natura and SepctraView colour series.

Where Green Facades and Ceramic Facade Cladding Meet

Tree roots growing across mortar.
Tree roots like to grow along and into mortar. For green facades, the solution is to use clay facade cladding,such as KeraTwin and KeraShape, which is free from mortar.

Green facades are in-demand among developers and building owners because they are not only sustainable but also help increase the value of a property. If you want to install a green facade, ceramic facade cladding is the perfect partner to use with it. 

There are a lot of concerns regarding the suitability of a green facade in buildings especially with the roots of climbing plants. The solution is to use it in combination with ceramic facade cladding to avoid cracks and loose mortar.

Ceramic cladding such as the KeraTwin and KeraShape range are extremely strong and durable and do not have flaws that may cripple drilled stone in its original state. The range is also relatively lightweight, making it easy to install and perfect to use if you want to add a green facade. 

The Energy Efficiency Aspects of Ceramic Facade Cladding Systems

Rear ventilated curtain wall facade system.
KeraTwin® rear ventilated curtain wall Facade System by Agrob Buchtal

One of the biggest advantages of ceramic facade systems is energy efficiency. Optimal insulation can be attained through a ceramic facade. Ceramic facade systems save building heating costs as well as helping with the reduction of CO2 emissions, which helps with climate protection. 

The use of proper insulation materials in the construction of buildings is exceptionally important because warm air escapes through the walls and on other structural elements of a building. Ceramic is the perfect material for any architectural project that requires energy efficiency and sustainability.

Ceramic Is One of the Most Sustainable Facade Materials

Ceramic facade installation at Macksville Hospital.
Ceramic facade installation keeping the patients of the l, Nambucca Valley NSW comfortable with the natural insulation properties of ceramics.

Ceramic is one of the most sustainable facade materials on the market. It is made from natural raw clay material and does not contain any heavy metals or other harmful additives. 

ceramic also provides maximum sound, thermal, and fire insulation.

It is a great investment since it lasts a long time and retains its original beauty even after a long period of time. Moreover, a ceramic facade guarantees a balanced indoor temperature and at the same time has a positive effect on the environment. 

Ceramics are also your best bet for environmentally-friendly materials. The exteriors of ceramic are highly resistant to harmful UV rays, fire, rain, hail, and abrupt changes in temperature. They are also easy to maintain due to their long lifecycle and capacity to be recycled.

Ceramic facade systems are sustainable because not only do they increase both thermal and acoustic comfort but they also reduce construction costs. As a result, energy costs are also significantly reduced, making ceramic one of the most sustainable facade materials in the market today. 

Sustainable Ceramic Facades and Brick Slips

KLAY supplies premium sustainable ceramic facades like the KeraTwin and KeraShape as well as non-combustible brick slips that are perfect for any facade design. 

Also known as brick veneers or brick tiles, brick slips are thinly cut pieces from the surface of a standard brick. Brick slip cladding demonstrates the character and warmth of natural clay while offering a solution to constructions where the use of full bricks are not practical. 

Brick slips are an economical choice because they can be easily installed and provide the brick finish for less. They provide the original finish of bricks without the hassle of installing heavy bricks, which can be a problem in many structures. 

Ceramic Panels Are One of the Most Versatile Alternative Facades

If you’re looking for alternative facades that are economical and practical, then ceramic facade panels are the answer. 

Ceramic has been a tried and true construction material for a long time, used for thousands of years. Also known as terra-cotta, Latin for “baked earth,” ceramic panels are still one of the most popular facade materials around the world. 

Although they are best known in the early 20th century as the preferred cladding material, ceramic facades are once more gaining popularity because of their versatility and durability. From classic to fusion and artisan to canvas, the possibilities are endless with ceramic faced panels.

Ceramic panels can withstand both time and weather with minimal maintenance needed. Ceramic facades are indeed the complete package – sustainable, economically efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. They offer a more elegant and refined look that can’t be achieved with traditional facade materials. 

Contact KLAY now to know more about our portfolio and the wide range of sustainable, green, ceramic and brick slip facades that we offer. We are happy to serve you with any design and functionality queries you may have. We can also assist you with the design and installation of ceramic brick facades on your building.

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