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Pick the perfect pool tile with tips from an award-winning Pool & Landscape Designer

Fresh from his Gold Medal win at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show, we had the pleasure of catching up with Landscape and Pool Designer Darin Bradbury of Mint Design Studio.  We talked Palm Springs style gardens, current landscaping trends and how to pick the perfect pool tile.

In your award winning show garden ‘Aurum’  we see elements of Hollywood  and Palms Springs Art deco style, what aspects of Aurum do you see being utilised in a typical Melbourne garden?

I’d really love to see the ‘Hollywood’ style integrated into Melbourne gardens. The Hollywood style is a little more relaxed than what would typically be used in a residential backyard here in Melbourne. California has similar hot summers and the Hollywood style is all about alfresco dining but it’s not so hardscape centric. There’s a focus on relaxed planting styles and open pergolas that I think could be used here more. It’s also more cost effective than installing a fully roofed structure with lots of paving. What is most likely to be utilised in a Melbourne garden though is the Palm Springs aspects of our design. The Palm Springs style still inspires people so much and it’s hard not to look at those houses and not want something similar for your own backyard. It’s a very enduring style for the home and garden. I suspect, like a lot of mid-century design, the Palm Springs style will always be relevant and an inspiring source of design.



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