Union Railway Station


Union Railway Station serves as a commuter hub on the Belgrave and Lilydale lines, catering to the eastern Melbourne suburb of Mont Albert, Victoria, Australia. Designed by Hassell Architecture’s Melbourne studio, this modern station officially opened its doors on May 22, 2023, as part of the Victorian Level Crossing Removal Project.

The new station is equipped with waiting room pods, ticketing booths and an office for Protective Services, all featuring external facade tiles in the striking Jade Green of the Craft Series. Notably, these modular structures were assembled and tiled off-site in Adelaide before being transported to the site.

In December 2020, plans were revealed to close Mont Albert and Surrey Hills stations, situated approximately 750 meters apart, and replace them with a centralized station. The decision stemmed from the need to rebuild the stations due to level crossing removal works on Union Road and Mont Albert Road. Their original locations on curved tracks would have violated rail safety standards. Consequently, the stations were moved closer together, with a western entry in Surrey Hills and an eastern entry in Mont Albert.

Before the crossing removal initiative, the boom gates at these sites caused significant delays, with up to 40% down time during the morning peak when 61 trains passed through. Eliminating these two problematic and congested level crossings has significantly improved travel for over 22,000 vehicles, ensuring safer and more efficient journeys.

Union Station’s design incorporates layered canopies, traditional materials, and soft muted colours, seamlessly blending the new infrastructure with the surroundings. This aesthetic extends to the adjacent area, where over 52,000 trees, shrubs, and plants have been planted to maintain the region’s leafy ambiance.

The Craft Series, known for its profiled surfaces, allows architects to mix and match, providing a unique texture and character to the tiled surfaces. Smooth and V profile tiles were utilized in an approximate ratio of 10 to 1 for this project. The overall outcome is a serene, well-designed station precinct with open, bright, and inviting spaces harmoniously integrated into the leafy landscape.

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