Pool Tiles

for your dream pool



The pool tile is probably the most important decision you will make when building your dream pool. A quality ceramic tile will be silky under foot, have vibrant colour, create inviting pool water, and perform for the lifetime of the pool.

KLAY’s locally stocked pool tile range includes German-made and designed Amano 25mmx25mm Mosaic, offered in six colours. Amano is the pool tile choice of Bec Judd and Kate Walker for their own homes.   You will find Amano in our Premium mosaic range, along with many other luxury pool tiles that we import.

For a high-quality pool tile 50x50mm mosaic from a trusted manufacturer, KLAY offers its Residential series in 12 luxurious colours which are locally stocked. These tiles are glazed, hardwearing, and ideal for saltwater or chlorine pools.

KLAYs warehouse is in Melbourne, but we ship all around Australia.

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